Lawyers and Consultants

Our consultants and lawyers work with their multiple experiences in various fields as a homogeneous work team that enriches each in its field of specialization, and their enjoyment of the highest qualification levels in their specializations made them at the forefront of legal advisors, which had the greatest impact on our ability to provide advice and advice to our clients regarding their dealings and disputes. Domestic and international. For this matter, we are always renewing and updating our knowledge through academic learning, scientific research, attending conferences, and permanent acquaintance with all new developments of new local or international regulations, regulations and laws imposed by the business world so that this proactive approach enables us to avoid and fortify our clients ’business with full legal protection
Hamdan Ali Al-Ghaithi

Founder & lawyer

Hilal Abdullah Al-Shamsi

Public relations

Abdel-Monem El-Yamany

Legal Counsel