Our company is proud to achieve all necessary care in terms of understanding the best legal services and we strive to provide them specifically for our customers

We also offer specific, credible and professional solutions for all legal requirements

Our message

To be a legal department , institutions and businessmen through continuous, direct and prompt legal support and to serve our valued customers with a level of service befitting their standing

Our goals

To be a legal management for companies, institutions and businessmen through continuous, direct and speedy legal support while maintaining complete confidentiality for clients

Our vision

Our company aims to create lawyers and legal advisors who are able to achieve our goals while adhering to the core values of honor, integrity, impartiality, objectivity and credibility

We strive to understand each customer’s specific needs and circumstances and provide solutions and options related to this

Lawyers and Consultants

Our consultants and lawyers work with their multiple experiences in various fields as a homogeneous work team that enriches each in its field of specialization, and their enjoyment of the highest qualification levels in their specializations made them at the forefront of legal advisors, which had the greatest impact on our ability to provide advice and advice to our clients regarding their dealings and disputes. Domestic and international. For this matter, we are always renewing and updating our knowledge through academic learning, scientific research, attending conferences, and permanent acquaintance with all new developments of new local or international regulations, regulations and laws imposed by the business world so that this proactive approach enables us to avoid and fortify our clients ’business with full legal protection
Hamdan Ali Al-Ghaithi

Founder & lawyer

Hilal Abdullah Al-Shamsi

Public relations

Abdel-Monem El-Yamany

Legal Counsel

Why our company is your ideal legal choice

We have an excellent way to deal with clients and give them quick advice

Across a wide range of sectors, our advice is always easy to understand and reliable as well

We have achieved major successes in criminal, civil and real estate cases ... etc

The long experience and the precision it has for our lawyers and legal advisors

We demonstrated our commitment

By offering the highest level of service to our customers, we have exactly what you are looking for in a law firm

We respect every issue entrusted to us

We know that the principal puts his trust in us and therefore we are trustworthy and we achieve the best possible result



Our team is ready to provide assistance in all stages of dispute settlement procedures, including but not limited to negotiations, preparation and drafting of all necessary documents, coordination with external collaborators such as technical experts and facilitators, and pleading in front of the courts or judicial bodies